Ash Interment and Memorialisation

Memorialisation of your loved one is so important, this short video will show the process of an ash interment at Northern Cemeteries.

Families often prefer to create a permanent memorial by placing ashes in one of our many gardens, niche walls or columbariums. Establishing a cremation memorial celebrates a life and leaves a lasting tribute for future generations. Within the grounds are an extensive range of memorial options available for cremated remains. There is also an opportunity for families to create a token memorial if the remains are interstate, overseas or scattered.

All our sites offer a cremation memorial package which includes cremation, a specified memorial site and a bronze plaque for $1665.00. Please telephone our office and speak to one of our family consultants or your nominated funeral director.

A new rose garden for cremated remains is currently in development. Please speak with our family consultants for further information.

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