Prices effective from 1 September 2017.  All prices include GST.  Prices are subject to change without notice.

Memorial Package – includes Cremation, Memorial Site and Bronze Plaque
Memorial wall $1,695.00
At Need Pre Need
Mary MacKillop Niche Wall
Individual niche $2,455.00 $2,205.00
Double niche $3,285.00 $3,035.00
Memorial Wall
Memorial wall (no ashes, memorial only) $505.00 N/A

General pricing

Transfer fee/Administration fee $275.00
Large plaque (sizes above 380mm) $920.00
Medium plaque (sizes above 150mm, smaller than 380mm) $480.00
Small plaque (sizes 150mm and smaller) $250.00
Refurbishment of existing photo $265.00
Ash interment into existing grave $660.00
Ceramic Photo – 3x4cm, 5x7cm, 6x8cm $390.00
Ceramic photo – 7x9cm, 8x10cm, 9x12cm, 11x15cm $515.00
Granite Inscription – English per character $15.00
Granite Inscription – non English per character under 2cm $20.00
Granite Inscription – non English per character above 2cm $35.00
Additional motif headstone $160.00
Additional line to bronze plaque $100.00
Additional motif to bronze plaque $100.00
Granite incense burner $470.00
Levy – Cremation service and ashes into an existing grave $24.20


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