Burial Sites

Prices effective from 1 July 2018.  All prices include GST.  Prices are subject to change without notice.

At Need Pre Need
Lawn Grave $11,430.00 $10,500.00
Opening of existing grave purchased before 1 Jan 2002 – first and subsequent interments $3,045.00 N/A
Opening of existing grave purchased after 1 Jan 2002 as a package $930.00 N/A
Armenian Lawn $12,375.00 $11,445.00
Opening of existing grave and plaque $930.00 N/A
Baby Lawn (Levy Exempt) $1,515.00 N/A
Baby Angels Grove $825.00 N/A
Monumental Lawn $13,610.00 $13,610.00
Monumental Lawn B – Premium Sites $14,475.00 $14,475.00
Monumental (Traditional, Orthodox, Jewish, Catholic, COE, Congregational) $15,645.00 $15,645.00
Above Ground Monumental Graves $12,960.00 $12,960.00


Double plaque (760mm x 215mm) $1,860.00
Large plaque (sizes above 380mm) $930.00
Medium plaque (sizes larger than 150mm and smaller than 380mm) $485.00
Small plaque (sizes 150mm and smaller) $250.00
Proof for additional lines and lettering – 3rd and subsequent proofs $12.00
Refurbish large plaque $350.00
Refurbish medium plaque $265.00
Refurbish small plaque $170.00
Refurbish existing photo $265.00
Ceramic photo – 3x4cm, 5x7cm, 6x8cm $395.00
Ceramic photo – 7x9cm, 8x10cm, 9x12cm, 11x15cm $520.00
Additional line of inscription for bronze plaque $100.00
Additional standard motif for bronze plaque $100.00
Non English lettering per line $155.00
Granite Inscription
Additional lettering per character – English $15.00
Non English lettering under 2cm in height per character $20.00
Non English lettering above 2cm $35.00
Non English lettering up to 10cm $240.00
Proof for additional lettering – 3rd and subsequent proofs $95.00
Granite vase $310.00
Granite incense burner $475.00
Granite cross (150mm in height) subject to approval $770.00
Additional Family Ash House granite wedge tablet $590.00
Standard Cross motif $160.00
Monogram to headstone $310.00
Additional Charges
Casket lifting device $400.00
Bottom sand fill $265.00
Lid and cover sand fill $265.00
Fine soil fill $530.00
Exhumation $9,005.00
Interment only – vaults/tombs/crypts $465.00
Administration Fee $275.00
Transfer fee $275.00
Vault transfers $605.00
Ash interment into existing grave $665.00
Late fee – weekday after 4pm (every 15 minute interval) $535.00
Saturday fee before 12.00 noon $1,475.00
Saturday fee after 12.00 noon to 4pm $1,950.00
Sunday fee before 12.00 noon $3,060.00
Sunday fee after 12.00 noon to 4pm $4,040.00
The Lorikeet function room hire – weekdays (8am-3.30pm) $255.00
The Lorikeet function room hire – weekends (9am-2.00pm) $360.00
The Lorikeet Room hire for service and function—weekdays $415.00
The Lorikeet Room hire for service and function—weekends $515.00
Extra Time – Use of the Lorikeet Room only per time slot $155.00

Cremation Memorial Sites

Memorial Package – includes Cremation, Memorial Site and Bronze Plaque
Clancy of the Overflow $1,720.00
Memorial Package – includes chapel service and function in The Lorikeet Room followed by transportation of coffin by arrangement from the funeral director’s preferred location to Macquarie Park Cemetery and Crematorium for unattended cremation. Complimentary return of the ashes to Frenchs Forest Bushland Cemetery with interment in an ash memorial option at Clancy of the Overflow. *other ash memorial options available on inquiry. $2,105.00
At Need Pre Need
Ash Gardens
Bushland Ash Garden – C, D and E $3,330.00 $2,840.00
Garden F and Cassia Ash Garden $4,145.00 $3,655.00
Clancy of the Overflow Communal Rock $1,325.00 $1,075.00
RSL Wall $4,145.00 $3,655.00
Rock Memorial
Partner Memorial Rock – two interments $7,450.00 $6,960.00
Family Memorial Rock – four interments $17,410.00 $16,920.00
Ash Wall
Poets Corner – half ash interment $1,775.00 $1,285.00
Poets Corner – full ash interment $3,155.00 $2,665.00
Baby Angels Grove (Levy Exempt) $825.00  N/A
Baby Angel Statue (no ashes, memorial only) no charge N/A
Bushland Memorial Garden – D
Bush Rock Sites – two ash interments $9,055.00 $8,565.00
Pathway of Roses

Pathway of Roses – two interments 

 $8,200.00  $7,710.00

All prices exclude government levies

Government Levies
Burial – 1st interment $82.00
Burial – 2nd/3rd interment $59.40
Cremation service and ashes into an existing grave $24.70


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