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Gore Hill Memorial Cemetery, Sandgate Cemetery and Frenchs Forest Bushland Cemetery each have a ‘Friends Of’ group. These groups are made up of passionate volunteer members of the community and local history groups. They host meetings during the year to discuss events and activities of interest to the wider community at their respective sites and discuss ideas on how each site can partner with the local community.

Each ‘Friends Of’ group plays an important role in shaping the future of our wonderful sites. Their input is highly valued by Northern Cemeteries, which assists by partnering with the Friends for local events and community occasions.

The Friends of Gore Hill Cemetery

The Friends of Gore Hill Cemetery was formed in 1975 ‘to work for the preservation of the spiritual, historical and social significance of the cemetery, and to retain the original landscaping and siting of monuments and graves’. They now publish two newsletters a year, publish biographies relating to the interred, hold meetings, tours, Clean Up Australia Day and other functions for the people to be together as a group to appreciate our wonderful site. They also commission monument restoration.

The Friends play a valuable and complementary role by contributing to the preservation of the memories of those buried at Gore Hill Memorial Cemetery. Individually, the Friends gain great personal satisfaction and meaning by volunteering to this community organization.

For more information, email or visit

The Friends of Frenchs Forest

The Friends of Frenchs Forest Bushland Cemetery was established in 2015. The Friends’ aim is to enhance the connection between the cemetery and the local community. Historical research and promoting the site as a beautiful and accessible parkland for passive recreation are major objectives.

The Friends conduct historic tours of the cemetery, including, but not limited to:

  • Military heroes’ tours
  • School excursions
  • General walking tours

Visits for school pupils and students, social groups, community groups and individuals can be arranged by contacting the Friends.

To become a Friend of Frenchs Forest Bushland Cemetery or for more information, contact the administration office on (02) 9451 6204 or email

Friends of Sandgate

Sandgate Cemetery was amalgamated with Northern Cemeteries in October 2014. A group of nine enthusiastic people from the Newcastle community came together and the Friends of Sandgate was created .

Friends of Sandgate have undertaken activities in collaboration with Northern Cemeteries, including holding three World War I memorial services and participating in an extensive public consultation with the Newcastle community on behalf of Northern Cemeteries.

For more information on joining the Friends of Sandgate, call Glen Amies on (02) 4968 3602.

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